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Comprehensive Health Chain

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The CHC project is initiated by the Global Great Health Chain Foundation. In many countries and regions around the world, communities with large health chains have been built to promote and improve human health. Based on powerful technology and operation teams, the Great Health Chain has established a "region" by applying the technology of block chains to the field of large health. Block Chain+Big Health+Incubator"top-level architecture thinking, striving to build the Big Health Chain into the world's first public chain in the big health field, positioning the Big Health Chain as a landing application incubator in the health field, will issue Comprehensive Health Chain Token (CHC TOKEN), issuing a total of 100 million, and will develop multi-currency wallets in the field of digital assets. It has the functions of point-to-point revenue and expenditure, big health mall, insider trading, health education courses and so on. It provides a one-stop incubation ecosphere for those who are committed to the field of big health in the future.

At present, CHC has reached all-round strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises in the field of health, listed companies in Hong Kong and large fund management companies, and has obtained strong support from the government, universities and the media. In the spirit of pragmatism, the founding team of the community of the Big Health Chain has made rational planning for the development of the Big Health Chain and will be healthy. The development of Kangchain is divided into three stages.

The first stage is to promote the application and development of block chain technology in the field of big health and global community construction, and to reach strategic cooperation with famous enterprises in the field of big health, medical technology enterprises, research institutes and investment funds.

Phase 2: Developing public chains and payment wallets specifically for large health areas, empowering traditional enterprises in large health areas with block chain technology, running on CHC public chains and using our wallets to pay.

The third stage: to become a professional incubator in the field of large health, to incubate projects in the field of large health, and to promote the integration of block chain technology with the field of large health.

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