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Wallet Development

Application development, development, testing, deployment, management and maintenance of technical service capabilities
Multi-currency wallet in the field of digital assets, with point-to-point revenue and expenditure function
Next Generation Block Chain Technology, Improve High Quality Public Chain Development Technology Experience
Focus on Block Chain Innovation Project Needs to Achieve Block Chain Incubation in Large Health Areas
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Based on the bottom technology of block chain, Big Health Chain provides intelligent contract development services, and can realize the landing of corresponding block chain applications. According to your different business needs, write smart contracts that fit the application scenarios you need, and build block chain applications that execute certain business logic through smart contracts. Help you deploy smart contracts quickly and develop applications based on block chains more conveniently. ​

Big Health Chain Professional Incubator

Application Development/Incubation of Block Chain to Help You Fall Quickly



Honorary Vice-President of the Global Foundation for the Great Chain of Health

Head of Canada's Great Health Community

Robert  Chiave

Honorary President of the Global Foundation for the Great Chain of Health

Head of Great Health Communities in the United States

michael  Louis

General Consultant of Big Health Chain Technology

Head of the Great Health Community in Russia


Director of Global Public Relations for Big Health Chain

Executives of a luxury goods company in China


Asset Allocation Expert and Senior Digital Asset Analyst

Director of Global Operations for Big Health Chain


Honorary Vice-President of the Global Foundation for the Great Chain of Health

Head of Greater China


Director of Education for Big Health Chain

Chairman of Chinese Society of Gender Psychology


Director of Community Management of Big Health Chain

Director of Media

Bill Li  

Senior Expert in Big Health

Doctor of Medicine 

Block chain 
Decentralization, Credible Mechanisms
Strong security consensus mechanism without tripartite intervention
Openness, transparency and unalterability of transactions
Distributed, stable, reliable and sustainable
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One step faster, the block on the chain
CHC provides basic block chain building, intelligent contract development, block chain application landing, block chain commercial ecological construction and other services.